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Life at Lucky Ruby During The Day and Night

Here’s a day in the life of a Lucky Ruby guest.

Hello. Welcome to a day in Lucky Ruby Border Casino, any day in the 365 (sometimes 366) days of the year.

There’s not a lot to prepare for. We just need you…….and your “A” game.



Waking up at one of the softest beds of the Lucky Ruby Hotel—an attribute shared by all the hotel’s beds, is one of those things in life that you can describe using a Belinda Carlisle song—“Ooh, heaven is a place on earth”. You stretch a bit and open the windows, welcoming the sunshine.

You hit the gym for your daily grind. The Ruby Gym’s equipment helps you a lot with that monthly challenge you’re participating in that showed up on your feed last week. You feel tired, but an accomplished kind of tired. A positive, satisfied, happy kind of tired. Probably not even tired at all. They day’s just starting.

The stomach whose calories you burned starts growling, asking for a payback. You hit the Lucky Ruby Restaurant to find an appetizing buffet prepared by Authentic Khmer cooking. Buffets from this restaurant make a good breakfast. The same goes for lunch, dinner, and supper.
CASINO (24/7)

This is what we mostly meant when we told you to bring your “A” game. Your luck may be your best friend, at least for today. Bet on tables such as Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Bai Buu, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, and Tai Xiu. Bet on the real world’s superhumans as you take on Sportsbetting. Hit some the Fishing Game tables—the adult counterpart of the arcades, only bigger and wider, with the promising possibility of cashing it out big.

Few places let you bet and drink and have a massage and soak on the Jacuzzi and Lucky Ruby Border Casino is one of that. Build up your courage with Authentic Khmer Beer such as Angkor, Cambodia, Tiger, ABC, and more. Hit up the high notes, the low notes, the curly voices, and the sustained voices with any English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Khmer, or Vietnamese hits you can think about.



The Lucky Ruby Restaurant is always a good idea, but you’ve tried that in the morning already, and the allure of the well-lit outdoor gem that is the Asian Beer Garden is too inviting for you to say no, then grab that invite and take a seat. There are new picks on the menu. Imagine them served piping hot. Good news: The actual food being served feels straight out of the menu, from appearance to the smell to the taste.

Being in the Lucky Ruby Sky Bar with the company of the moon and stars is that existential weeknight cocktailing experience you never knew your heart was asking for. This is one of those spots in the world where light pollution hasn’t penetrated to the point that you won’t be able to see the night sky as clearly as your great-great-great-great-great grandma did when the fortuneteller told her she’s gonna end up with your great-great-great-great-great grandpa—only by then she only knows his horoscope and she was looking for its constellation. Linger long enough that you might get to check out yours.

Pop into the Ruby Disco with your date (or meet your date for the first time after popping in here). Lights of all exciting colors flowing in, flashing in, or popping in according to the music, dancing along with you. Drinks come for free on Fridays and Saturdays (if you’re a lady or for your date when you’re saving up). Music with the audacity and bass that makes you feel okay if there’s no tomorrow.
MINI MART (24/7)

Any quick fix on your essentials—may it be a midnight snack, the milk you must drink to fall asleep, a hangover treatment, new clothes just in case, or that thing you need to buy before entering your date’s room—they’re all here, available anytime for you.


If all the beer chugging and the betting streaks and the karaoke-ing and the dancing and the high-intensity gym-ing and the buffet on top of all of these are too much for you to take in, Lucky Ruby’s got the Authentic Khmer Massage, Sauna, and Jacuzzi trio for you to slow down to the rhythm of nature and take it all in even more smoothly. Enjoy and fall asleep if you will—they’re gonna wake you up.

The night takes you wherever it takes you, whether it be another endless betting streak at the casino, the hotel room of the date you met at the Ruby Disco, finally seeing being many people call God when you succumb to ultimate relaxation at the Massage, or back to your hotel room with the soft soft bed.

Don’t worry; you’re not gonna wake up in an alley or sewer or wherever dark place that is not where people are supposed to be. You’re a valued guest—of course, we’re not gonna leave you alone.

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