Baccarat Jackpot

Join in the thrill at our baccarat tables with the baccarat Jackpot on the line.


Baccarat Jackpot Progressive & Payout show as the followings:


Event                                                                            Minimum Progressive Jackpot


(Grand) K+9

Both Card Spade K+9 + Other Side Any Natural 9      VND 50,000,000 (Progressive)


(Major) K+9

Same Color or Same Suit (K+9) (Natural 9)

+ Other Side any 2 cards                                             VND 500,000 (Non- Progressive)


(Mini) K+9

Mix Color (K+9) (Natural 9)                                      VND 300,000 (Non- Progressive)

+ Other Side any 2 cards


There have a progressive in the event Grand K+9 (Both Card Spade) + Other Side Any Natural 9 ONLY. Major Jackpot is remaining same payout VND 500,000 of each betting and Mini Jackpot is remaining same payout VND 300,000 of each betting.


All Jackpots payout is based on the outcome of natural first 2 initial cards (K+9) of Punter Original Betting either on Player or Banker side ONLY.

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