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Ngau Ham Table Game

The rules in Ngau Ham is simple, all you have to do is obtain higher points than the dealer. In Ngau Ham the high hand will use 3 cards that must total the value of 10, 20, or 30 using the cards face values. If this ‘high’ hand does not equal one of these numbers, thus the hand will be determined as not qualified. The remaining 2 cards are used to compete against the dealer’s hand and the points are totaled by face value.



Ante (Ngau) – Compulsory

Bonus Bet – Optional


Player should bet on Ante (Ngau) to commence the game.



Ante (Ngau):

Payment 1 to 1 which points on head (2 cards) is higher than house.

Half payment (1 to 0.5) which player wins on 5 points for head (2 cards) against house.


Bonus Bet:

Straight Flush – 1 pay 100

4 of a Kind – 1 Pay 80

Full House – 1 pay 60

Flush – 1 pay 40

Straight – 1 pay 30

3 of a kind – 1 pay 8

2 Pairs – 1 pay 4


1.No value and suite of card compare in the event player and house have the same point/s, the game is consider PUSH HAND.

2. In the event of PUSH HAND:

Same value of head card between House and Player.

Both House and Player “NO HAM”

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