The World's First Bai Buu Jackpot, how did this conceptualize?

Have you ever had that moment when you’re wishing that something can be invented?


…shoelaces that can tie themselves?

…tables that can wipe themselves?

…remote controls that can mute someone who’s shouting at you (yeah I got this from that Adam Sandler movie)

…teleporting machines?

They’re not as far-fetched or science-fiction-driven as the ones above (but wouldn’t it be fun if we got them, too?), but this is super similar to what we thought of when we were thinking about our beloved table game Bai Buu.

First off, if this is the first time you’ve heard of Bai Buu, you might be wondering,

“What the hell is Bai Buu?”


So cuteWe imagine this must be how you’re feeling right now about Bai Buu.

Good question.

Bai Buu is a Vietnamese table card game. It may be played using the standard 52-card deck, but its ways let off the very vibes of an Authentic Vietnamese game. It’s very popular both in Vietnam and Cambodia—in fact, popular enough that your trip to these two culturally-rich countries won’t be complete until you’ve tried Bai Buu.

And you don’t get to try this game anywhere else in the world…….for now.

However, if you want to try this out, we can help you with that. Read on below!

With your 52-card deck and 3 pieces of dice, Bai Buu can be played, so it’s easy to get familiar with and practice to get around with how it is played, even if you’re from the other side of the planet.


You’ll be facing one of our gorgeous dealers’rewhen you play Bai Buu with us.

Why not dare to try?

The dice will be shaken to know where the deal begins.

The stack of cards are distributed to each player.

Arrangement of the cards from both the house and the players are done, making sure that the High Hand and Low Hand arrangements are correct.

The winning hand is determined.

This right here above is the simplest gist of it, but there are splitting mechanics, too, and more details on how to play Bai Buu that can be found here.

Being a border casino bridging Vietnam and Cambodia through the fun of playing, Lucky Ruby has many players who are—you guessed it—Cambodian and Vietnamese.

But, as with all other fun games…..we simply think that Bai Buu is just too good to keep it as it is.

That’s why we came up with the Bai Buu jackpot!

 Find out how to take a chance on the Bai Buu jackpot below!

Now that we’ve introduced to you above how to play Bai Buu (which makes us assume you’re familiar with it at this point), let us introduce to you how you can win the First ever Bai Buu Jackpot in the world:

The Lucky Ruby Bai Buu Jackpot adds thrill to your experience in playing Bai Buu. To hit the jackpot, you need to bet on the jackpot and obtain the following card arrangement:

1. Four of a kind – Grand Jackpot (progressive) – 30,000,000 VND

2. Straight Flush – Major Jackpot (progressive) – 3,000,000 VND

3. Three of a kind – Minor Jackpot (non-progressive) – 300,000 VND

Those jackpots are nothing less than grand, if you ask me!

So, if you’re travelling to either Vietnam of Cambodia, I highly suggest that you don’t pass on the chance to play Bai Buu.

As mentioned before, it’s not available anywhere else for now.

And where else can you play it and get the best experience other than the home of the World’s First Bai Buu Jackpot—Lucky Ruby Border Casino!



We’re open everyday, 24/7 for you, but if you’re getting that urge to play Bai Buu NOW, then why wait if you can hop on to that motor, van, car, or plane to get to where we are?

Start experiencing the rewards of enjoying your time with Bai Buu.

Visit us here now at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino, and try the hottest Vietnamese game, in the flesh, for real!


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