Find out what’s so special about this type of Jackpot

The desire for a good casino table game play cannot be stopped by trivial things like distance, foreign borders, or laziness.

So we got Baccarat and Bai Buu here at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino.

Now, name something better than Baccarat and Bai Buu.

Do we hear a Progressive Baccarat Jackpot and a Progressive Bai Buu Jackpot?

That’s correct.

, Wondered why we have Progressive Baccarat and Bai Buu Jackpot?, Lucky Ruby Border Casino, Lucky Ruby Border Casino

Welcome to the hottest gamblers’ retreat of the border that blends the best of casino games and the best of jackpot types into two cohesive table game jackpots you’d ogle to bet on: Progressive Baccarat Jackpot and Progressive Bai Buu Jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots are jackpots that increase each time you play a game while the jackpot is not won yet. When you’ve won the jackpot—whichever jackpot level it is—it resets to the value when you first played. But hey, you’ve already won the Jackpot so you can just dare to climb back up to the high ladders of the Progressive Jackpots.

The Progressive Jackpot used to be available just to Slot Machines, Video Poker Machines, and Lottery. So we wondered: Why the hell don’t table games such as the classic Baccarat and the Vietnamese iconic Bai Buu have it as well?

We thought it was unfair.

So we added the Progressive Jackpot to both games.

And it looks like we’re the first to ever do this.

Just a quickie for the newbies: Baccarat is the cure for boredom since the 19th century, and James Bond’s preferred casino game. You generally have to have the highest hand on the table—ideally reaching the value of 9, the highest possible value—in order to win.

To hit the Progressive Jackpot, you need to bet on the jackpot and obtain the following card arrangement with their minimum progressive jackpot:

  1. Card Spade K+9 + Other Side Any Natural 9 – Grand Jackpot (Progressive) – 50,000,000 VND
  2. Same Color or Same Suit (K+9) (Natural 9) + Other Side any 2 cards – Major Jackpot (Non-progressive) – 500,000 VND
  3. Mix Color (K+9) (Natural 9) + Other Side any 2 cards – Mini Jackpot (Non-progressive) – 300,000 VND

For more info about the Progressive Baccarat Jackpot, visit this page.

Bai Buu is considerably new compared to Baccarat, but the Cambodians and Khmers and Vietnamese love it enough that practically every casino punter around here has had their luck tried on Bai Buu.

Unfortunately, Bai Buu is rarely playable anywhere but in our part of the world here in Indochina, so if you come from somewhere else, playing this game at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino might just be the first time you get to experience this.


Bai Buu is played with a 52-card deck and 3 pieces of dice. The dice will be shaken to know where the deal begins.

The stack of cards is distributed to each player.

Arrangement of the cards from both the house and the players are done, making sure that the High Hand and Low Hand arrangements are correct.

The winning hand is determined by the usual ranks of the hand. The highest possible hand is the Four of a Kind.


For the Progressive Bai Buu Jackpot, you need to bet on the jackpot and obtain the following card arrangement:

  1. Four of a kind — Grand Jackpot (Progressive) — 30,000,000 VND
  2. Straight Flush — Major Jackpot (Progressive) — 3,000,000 VND
  3. Three of a kind — Minor Jackpot (Non-progressive) — 300,000 VND


The stuff we told you above is simplest gist of the game and its Progressive Jackpot, but there are splitting mechanics, too, and more details on how to play Bai Buu that can be found here.


Now that we got Progressive Jackpots on Baccarat and Bai Buu, you may now be wondering:

Do the excitement and thrill remain the same?

Probably not.

Because it only makes the whole gaming experience even more exciting and thrilling.

Hop on your chosen ride for the Lucky Ruby Border Casino, home for the Progressive Baccarat Jackpot and Progressive Bai Buu Jackpot—both of them bearing the titles of being first in the world.

Play them, play them again, love them.

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