Why we’re Happy When you’re Happy

Being happy is the basis of everything that we do and want in life


As team members of the Lucky Ruby Border Casino, we’ve come to adapt the “You’re Happy, We’re Happy” mindset.

It aligns with our Vision, Mission, Daily Objectives, and Values.

As our Vision is “The world is filled with joy and happiness through our efforts,” topped with the fact that we are in the casino, gaming, and hotel industry, every effort that we make will surely affect the happiness of our customers.

It is our happiness, then, to make everyone who comes by our Lucky Ruby Border Casino happy.

you are happy then we are happy

Casino Games

From card games such as Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Bai Buu, and Dragon Tiger, to dice games such as Tai Xiu and Fan Tan, you can choose between several different games and find out which game makes you happiest, or where your luck mostly resides.

Our games, save Baccarat, are especially unique in such a way that you can’t find these games so easily from different parts of the world. These are truly Asian Games, well-loved by locals, that we highly encourage you to try and enjoy if you really want to get to know the country or region you’re visiting. Your travels aren’t truly worth the while if you don’t try at least one local game or two and try to win on the process, after all.

Hotel, Massage, Sauna, and Gym

Although we’re undoubtedly the happiest place on the border, we do know that we’re 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh, the capital of Vietnam, and 3 hours away from Phnom Pehn, the capital of Cambodia.

We know you’ve traveled kinda far to get here, and that’s why we’ve got all these comforts to your disposal. To cap off a day full of fun and games at our Casino, we got our hotel rooms newly renovated to maximize the comfort of your rest and sleep, our Lucky Ruby Massage and Sauna in order to ease your tired muscles and give a rebirth to your energy, and the Lucky Ruby Gym to further get your body more active therefore toughening you up and gearing you up to the next game.

Casino Restaurants and Mini Mart

The Casino restaurants that are located right beside the Casino gaming tables are there in order to feed your stomach and your energy in-between games. With all your betting strategies, it goes without saying that you’ll get hungry every now and then, even though physically you appear to be just sitting and staring at the cards and dice (We get you, guys).

For instant food that needs to be devoured right away, the Mini Mart is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those quick bites and quick needs for your convenience and comfort.

Asian Beer Garden and Sky Bar

Good news: You’ve won! How do you celebrate? It depends on your type, wouldn’t it? Some are not content with staying at the hotel and sleep the night away just like that. Most likely, you’ll have excess energy that doesn’t mesh well with relaxing activities such as massage, sauna, and hotel. You can do that later.

So, where do you go where you can celebrate?

That’s what the Asian Beer Garden and Sky Bar are for—Southeast Asia’s best eats that you’d love to devour paired with mildly tipsy-ing alcohol of your choice—be it from the Angkor Stout, Angkor Beer, Cambodia Beer, Tiger Beer, Heineken, or ABC Stout Beers, or some flavored mixes and cocktails. There’s also karaoke for that excess of your excess energy.

Spend your dinner amidst stunning views of the night sky at the Lucky Ruby Sky Bar—free from light pollution that the city’s known for!


The Beer Gardens already got everything that you want: Good food, good drinks, good company, good karaoke facilities…..but what if you wouldn’t want other people to see and hear you sing?

Enter the Lucky Ruby KTV. English, Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean songs are all yours to choose, summing up to more than 40,000 hits.

Sing and pour your heart out over food and drinks, with all the privacy you want.


The excess of the excess of energies you’ve got may just best be spent on the Lucky Ruby Disco after all! Dance the night away with good picka-picka food, good drinks to boost your confidence, and good company, both friends and new friends.

Get loud and proud!

We’re never too old or too adult to feel happy as a baby

These games, facilities, and amenities are all available options to bring a smile on your face, wipe out the gloom that clouds your mood, make you happy, and get you to stay happy while you’re here with us at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino. This way, we also get happy knowing that you’re happy.

So, if you’re feeling under the weather today, drop by the Lucky Ruby Border Casino and we can guarantee that you’ll leave the place with a smile on your face (that rhymes).

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