Why Lucky Ruby is the best place to build your career?

Lucky Ruby may just help you reach your career dreams.


Friends, Cambodians, foreigners, lend me your ears!

I’ve come to answer the burning question inside of you right now:

Why is Lucky Ruby Border Casino the best place to build your career?


Okay, so maybe you’re in the first few steps of your career, or you’ve just graduated (or on the way to march it down) and you’re full of high hopes and aspirations on making it big—which is, of course, you are. Why not? We’ve gone to school to reach for our dreams.

Sometimes, you need to confront a couple of choices—should you move out of your small townhome and take your chances in the big city or stay in town with your loving parents? Should you pursue the career path of the degree you finished in or on the career your parents tell you to pursue, or should you start being honest with yourself and go after that far off career path your heart is whispering for you to take?

Whatever that burning question is, whether you’re a Svay Rieng boy or a Phnom Pehn girl—there just might be a spot for you here in Lucky Ruby Border Casino.

Why do we think so?

Read on to find out.



Free rent, free electricity, free water, free meals—all these stuff that makes #adulting life stressful are all FREE. Bills begone! This further enables you to save much much more of your salary and spend them better—saving up for traveling, for that birthday bash you’ve been planning on having, for that hotpot at the Vietnam Beer Garden, or for the other stuff you wanna enjoy as you reward yourself for having your work done for the day.



Christmas parties, New Year parties, Chinese New Year celebrations, Lucky Ruby anniversaries—these are just some of the events that we host not just for our customers, but for team members, too, all year-round. Besides hanging out with the officemates-turned-friends you met after office hours, you get to mingle with everyone outside your own department on these events, too! For sure, you’ll be catching a glimpse of that cutie from the other department…



Here in Lucky Ruby, we take the phrase “Equal Opportunity Employer” seriously. We love opening our doors to men and women from the community. Every one has the same level of opportunities to advance in their careers without any biasism towards their gender as everything is based on your performance. We care more about how well we can work together to reach our goals and vision. So be yourself, and work with us with the value of Teamwork: “Support each other, win together.”



Here in Lucky Ruby, we recognize all the good efforts of our team members for working together with us as we make our Company Vision come true: The world is filled with joy and happiness through our efforts. Growth comes to our team members whose good performance have proven themselves to be ready for the new learnings, new goals, and new challenges for the next round and position. It doesn’t come for free, but it’s possible for everyone.


Career dreams. Everybody has them. Some reaching up to the sky, some stretching far and wide as the ocean. Some beating loudly within your core, some you can imagine with infinite possibilities by your head. No matter what your dream, morning comes every day—inviting you to make them come true.

Lucky Ruby may just help you reach your career dreams. Send us your resume at [email protected] and you might just be our team member-to-be.

And who knows….it might be perfect for you and make you truly belong.

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