Why Border Casino?Is Lucky Ruby Different from Regular Casinos?

Imagine this:

Your first date with that person who you swiped right on Tinder.

You know nothing about the person, except that they’re (at least potentially) your type, and you match on the hottest dating app.

What else shall be your takeaway when you’re finally face-to-face with the real thing?

First Impression.

What do you think about him/her when they arrived?

Do they look better or worse than their profile photo?

Do they dress well?

How do they behave during your date?

Do they chew with their mouth closed?

Do they prefer frappe instead of espresso?

Do they offer to pay for the bill?

Do they smile?

Do they make you laugh?


So cutedon’t you just want a date like this…

These are The Great First impressions. They’re powerful enough to make or break how you think you can experience the relationship you want on that first date.

But what’s interesting is…

The Great First Impression also happens as you set foot to the new country on the border.

You get reactions like, “Wow, this is the USA,” or “What the hell is this place…”

Isn’t is cooler when your Border is giving off that “WOW!” factor so that visitors will have a better impression of the country they’re jumping into?

We think so, too.

That’s why we have the Lucky Ruby Border Casino.


Day or Night, Rain or Shine, Holiday or Workday, we’re open for you.
This is FUN in the Border.

We’re a Casino at the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. We belong to the Cambodia side.

We’re NOT just a casino, though. We have so much more to offer:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Disco
  • Karaoke or KTV
  • Mini Mart
  • Restaurant
  • Beer Garden
  • Sky Bar
  • Gym

Dude…that list is LONG!

Going back to our title words: Why Border Casino?

We are different in such a way that we can offer the best of both worlds (or countries, on this matter).

Our KTV/Karaoke rooms have both Cambodian and Vietnamese songs. And that’s not all; we also have Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and of course, English songs. And these song lists keep growing, because we’re doing a good job keeping up with the times, hours away from the big cities.

 You can’t stop the beat 🎵Get the reference?

Our Restaurant and Beer Garden menus have not only the best of Khmer cuisine and knick-knacks, but also the best of Vietnamese dishes. Authentic, using the best, most accurate ingredients.

And our casino games?

Not just the usual staple games such as Baccarat and Slots. Not just Khmer-originated games like Dragon Tiger, but also signature Vietnamese plays such as Bai Buu.

Simply put, we don’t just offer what’s already out there in ordinary, normal casinos.



We’ve got the best of Southeast Asia right here!

We just get it. Borders aren’t supposed to be boring. It’s like that date who doesn’t say anything other than “Oh, okay” or “I see” during your first date.

Borders should make you feel what you’re supposed to feel: Start getting EXCITED to SEE MORE of this new country. Borders between the two countries are supposed to be FUN and EXCITING.


Because this is how you will get introduced to that new country you’re crossing to!

And if your leaving, this is how you’re supposed to say goodbye to the country and make the most of your last days in it!


Borders should be at least more like airports if they can’t build resorts like what we’re doing at Lucky Ruby…

After all, why do airports usually have so many things inside?

Because people will be wanting and needing a lot of stuff, and it’s gonna be so fricking convenient for everyone if they can buy their wants and needs right away.

This is also how borders should be—offering a lot of options for visitors to relax, enjoy themselves, bring out the best of first impressions in the country, and bring you excitement for the treasures, memories, and FUN you’re about to experience.

If you want a good experience upon entering Cambodia or saying goodbye to Cambodia with a BANG, visit us here at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino.


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