Which Facilities Suit You Best?

Let’s score on the facilities at the Lucky Ruby, you decide which one fits you best

The Lucky Ruby Border Casino, although we’re a casino, we’re so much more than a casino.


We have all these facilities and amenities at your disposal:

  • Asian Beer Garden
  • Karaoke / KTV
  • Hotel
  • Karaoke
  • Sauna
  • Disco
  • Massage
  • Gym
  • MiniMart
  • SkyBar
  • Restaurant

Whoa, that’s definitely a lot.

We can feel you getting overwhelmed.

But no worries, read on below and check the types of certain people who enjoy these many different facilities, and find out which one (or two, or more) is perfect for you at certain times of the day. What’s perfect for your morning may be different from what’s perfect for you at night, after all.

Lucky Ruby Facilities


This facility is for: risk-takers, gamer boys and girls, James Bond fans and wannabes, those who want to take the chance, those who just graduated from being a minor and excited to take on anything, those who want to win hard cash right away, casual gamblers, actual professional gamblers, etc.

The happiest place of the Cambodia-Vietnam Border, this is one place you’ll definitely want to get into in between your Cambodia and Vietnam trips. The serene, lax vibes of nature coexist with the thrill of risking your money.

Step inside the casino doors and try your luck on Baccarat, Bai Buu, Tai Xiu, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, 3 Card Poker, fishing games, lottery, and slots.

Lucky Ruby Facilities2


This facility is for: Folks who want a more relaxed atmosphere, those who want to share a good hotpot under the moon, those who want to have a birthday dinner, those who want a little bit of privacy, casual gamblers, actual gamblers celebrating their win or eating out their frustrations, gamer boys and gamer girls who get hungry, etc.

If you’ve gambled to win, chances are, you’ve used a strategy. It burns more brain cells than just idling by or doing a Netflix marathon. Those who never thought of gambling may not get it, but we do. That’s why there are so many foods to choose from and that’s why our very own Asian Beer Garden looks so relaxing. You need to gobble up on something for all the energy you spent on strategizing how to win.

Indulge in a wide array of Khmer/Vietnamese/Southeast Asian dishes. All choices go well when paired with your choice of the top Khmer beer brands—Angkor, Anchor, and Cambodia Beer.

Lucky Ruby Facilities3


This facility is for: Music lovers by nature, those who love to sing, those who love music, those who want to eat and sing, those who want to celebrate their birthdays with the excitement of singing excitedly and loudly, those who want to sing with drinks but also want a little bit of privacy, casual gamblers, professional gamblers, gamer boys and gamer girls who want to express their feelings or frustrations with music, etc.

The stage is all yours at the Lucky Ruby KTV. Just think of all the songs you can sing among the 40,000+ you can choose from. The Lucky Ruby KTV works well with a human being who has vocal cords. Works well with a human being who loves having fun, too. Sounds like you, I bet. Among all the facilities at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino, this is one of the crowd favorites.

Lucky Ruby Facilities4


This facility is for: Casual, amateur, or professional gamblers who need to eat their fill in order to bet more furiously in the next round, foodies who wanna try Khmer, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian food anyone who gets hungry and not too picky with food, anyone who loves buffet, etc.

If you’re hungry but want to get back on track with your game’s rounds right away, going 4 floors up to the Sky Bar or going out to the Asian Beer Garden might get you to lose your momentum. If keeping your momentum is ideal, then you can eat your meals at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino Restaurant. It has the same selection of dishes with the Asian Beer Garden so all is well.

Lucky Ruby Facilities5


This facility is for: Party people, those who want to meet new friends, those who love to dance, those who love to drink, those who love to buy drinks for other people, ladies who maybe want to get treated to free drinks, casual gamblers and professional gamblers who want to drink and dance their losses and bad bets away, etc.

For us, the night is always young. This is that one place where you can truly let loose without being too loud or too dance-y. Ladies, enjoy free drinks every Friday and Saturday—you don’t need to rely on gents to treat you. Gents, if you’re not cool as a gambler, then the disco’s your best shot. This dark room lighted with colorful, bright lights in perfect sync with the thump of the danciest music is the best place for you to impress the ladies. One of the newest facilities in the Lucky Ruby Border Casino as is also deemed as the Smallest Disco in Cambodia.

Lucky Ruby Facilities6


This facility is for: Gym buffs, exercise and fitness enthusiasts, actual athletes, those who want to start keeping fit (it’s never too late!), those who want to get back on track of keeping fit, those who are advised by their doctors to exercise, those who do casual workouts, those who suddenly want a quick run on the treadmill, anyone who wants a good sweat, etc.

Hit the gym for your #fitnessgoals, especially now that the New Year’s coming up. Your New Year’s Resolutions deserve a little commitment, after all, and going to the gym more often is always a good idea. Who knows, maybe you can execute your betting strategies better (or, at the very least, take your losses more graciously) if you grind at the gym. Invite your buddies to hit the gym, too, so you can get more motivated.

Lucky Ruby Facilities7


This facility is for: Gym buffs with aching muscles, exercise and fitness enthusiasts on a rest day, those who have sore muscles, those who want to get deeper and better sleep tonight, those who want to get back on their groove, those who want to get the stress, the tiredness, and the dread out of their bodies, those who want a deeper sort of relaxation, groups of friends out to have a spa party, those who are advised by their doctors to get a massage, those who suddenly want a massage on a whim, etc.

There are just some days when taking naps, sleeping, vitamins, healthy food, exercise, meditating—healthy living may not be enough. That’s what the massage and sauna are for—to make deeper relaxation happen, so that you can boost your energy with the healing hands of Authentic Khmer massage therapy.

Lucky Ruby Facilities8


This facility is for: Folks who want a more relaxed atmosphere, those who asked somebody out, those who want to see the moon, the stars, and the whole sky more clearly, those who want to share a good hotpot under the stars, those who want a little bit of privacy, casual gamblers, actual gamblers, gamer boys and gamer girls who want a good relaxing dinner at the most romantic spot of the border, couples on a romantic date

Fabulous sky views, witnessing the sunset of Svay Rieng while sipping on your favorite drink might be the perfect way to keep you happy for the rest of the night. Besides sunsets, enjoy people watching from up high, landscape views, coupled with the best Khmer/Vietnamese dish, the perfect drink, and good, lovely company.

Lucky Ruby Facilities9


This facility is for: Travelers who want to take a layover before another travel begins, those who want a better bed for the night, those who want to get deeper and better sleep tonight, couples celebrating their monthsaries and anniversaries, those who want to do a #staycation, those who want to get deeper and better sleep tonight, those who just got out of the massage and want the soft beds of the Lucky Ruby Hotel, groups of friends who just finished their spa party, gamblers of any kind to cap off their night

Lucky Ruby Facilities10


This facility is for: Foodies who need food right away that waiting for an order can’t wait, junk food junkies, ice cream snack times, souvenir shopping, necessities shopping

The Mini Mart is the city’s equivalent of 7 Eleven, Mini Stop, Family Mart, Lawson, Vina Mart, etc—you name it. You can buy almost anything that you’ll need here to cover those little things in your daily life. You can also hang out here, although bigger groups need a better place like the Asian Beer Garden.

So, have you found out where’s the best spot among all the awesome facilities at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino?

Come here for real and experience exactly all the wonderful facilities that we have highlighted for you here.

See you at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino!

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