What Table Games Are Available At Lucky Ruby?

Ever Wondered What Table Games Are Available For You To Try Your Luck At The Lucky Ruby Border Casino?

Ever been to the arcade?

Well, isn’t it fun to be there?

You get to shoot balls, play chase in Pac-Man, beat down the guy on the other side via Street Fighter (or the Gen Z equivalent of it), get frustrated at the claw machine, go on races without the risk of having to drive a real car, shoot balls, show off your strength with your strongest hit, and more.

It’s fun and all, but as an adult, the arcade makes you feel unwelcome now (except when you’re an adult who looks like a teenager). They’re all kids, they’re noisy, they bump into you, and they will stare at you suspiciously, wondering if you either of the following:

  • A parent waiting to catch their kid going to the arcades instead of attending cram school or going home
  • A teacher waiting to catch their students going to arcades in their school uniforms

arcade lucky ruby casino cambodia

Either way, the arcades stop being fun when you grow up and become an adult. It sucks.

So, how do you play when you’re all grown up instead?

You go to the place where everyone’s just like you and the games are more exciting—the stakes are higher and you’re betting on real money, and, most exciting of all, winning real money and the chance of winning BIG.

Where on earth is this place?

It’s the Casino.

And when you’re in Cambodia or anywhere near Svay Rieng, Lucky Ruby Border Casino is that place where you can play without getting stared at by noisy kids, and where you get excited with taking risks for the chance of winning real money.

Table Games Casino Cambodia

Change the noisy arcade machines into elegant casino table games available in Lucky Ruby below:



In the Baccarat table, we’re inviting you to be your version of James Bond. It’s his favorite casino game, after all!

Although the game seems serious, in reality, it’s very simple.

You can win even if you’re a newbie.

To play, simply decide where you wanna bet—on the hand that you think, feel, and hope that is closest to the number 9.

We’ve made this well-loved game even more thrilling by having the Progressive Baccarat Jackpot. Read more about it here.

Baccarat Casino Table Game - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia


This table game sounds new, and it is kinda literally new, indeed. Compared to classics like Baccarat which has been around for a few hundred years old, 3 Card Poker is only 25—a quarter of a century old.

It’s still poker……but with 3 cards, and you match your hand up against the dealer instead of your fellow players. Since you only play with 3 cards, your highest hands will be a Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, or a Straight. But you can’t dare to have any of these hands unless you visit and play at the 3 Card Poker table.

3 Card Poker Table Game - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia


We’ve recently written about Bai Buu here. It is played using the standard 52-card deck, shuffled and distributed to get arranged by the players, determining the winning hand at the end, and 3 dice to find out where the deal starts.

This detailed How-to gives off the very vibes of an Authentic Vietnamese game. It’s very popular both in Vietnam and Cambodia—popular enough that your trip to these two culturally-rich countries won’t be complete until you’ve tried Bai Buu.

And to top it off, at our casinos we offer a progressive Bai Buu Jackpot which cant be found anywhere else in the world…….for now.

Bai Buu Table Casino - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia



Tai Xiu is a game that goes by a lot of names, depending on which part of the world you play it. Sic Bo, Big and Small / Hi-lo, and Grand Hazard are just some of them. An original Chinese dice game, it migrated with Chinese across the world.

Like Bai Buu, Tai Xiu is played with three dice, but with those three dice alone. And you must predict the outcome of three dice that are shaken by the dealer.

I don’t know if there’s a Shake God, but you might want to pray to them if you want to increase your chances of accurately predicting the outcome and ending up winning.

Tai Xiu Table Game - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia


An iconic, multi-award-winning movie got these two ferocious, legendary, and beastly animals in one title. Can you guess what?

Trivia’s aside, Dragon Tiger is a two-card Baccarat and you bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger—whichever is your spirit animal.

You have a 50-50 chance to win on this table game.

And just like Bai Buu, you can’t find this table game anywhere else besides Cambodia and Vietnam……..yet.

Dragon Tiger Table Game - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia


We’ve seen the table games played with cards and dice, so now get ready to get meet the table game played with either beads, small buttons, coins, dried beans, or similar stuff.

Like Tai Xiu, Fan Tan is also known by a variety of names depending on where you are around the world—yanqian,  tanxi, tanqian, or Yiqian.

It’s a significant change of play for gamblers like you, especially if all you’ve been playing with are the usual cards and dice.

Very simple to play, too. Perfect for newbies. Beads are gathered together and grouped in fours. All you have to do is to bet how many beads will be there at the last batch to be grouped.

Fan-Tan Table Game - Lucky Ruby Border Casino Cambodia

Lucky Ruby Border Casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

If you’re in the area, there’s no reason for you not to check out these exciting table games. Hop on that car, taxi, or motordup now, and try your luck with a gorgeous Southeast Asian dealer facing you.

Good luck!

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