The Lucky Ruby Walk-In Interview 2019?

The Lucky Ruby Border Casino officially kicks off its Major Walk-In interview event today on the 22nd of November 2019. 

Lucky Ruby walk-in interview

What makes this event extra special is that some potential job applicants that have attended this event may stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max as the grand prize and as well as 2 units of Oppo Reno 10x Zoom that would be for the runner up as well as third place. Well its simple actually, all you need to do is just like our Facebook page, like our recruitment post, share our recruitment post and tag 10 friends. After that all you need to do is come for our Walk In Interview and then the most shares will decide the winner.

As long as you follow the terms and conditions for this event, then you could be a very happy person when we announce the winner on 25th December 2019.

Now everyone might be having a question why are we looking for more staff to join our company?

Well the answer is quite simple as many of you would have known by now that our company has been expanding rapidly over the last few years and in line with this expansion, we are looking for more staff to fill in the new vacancies that are becoming available as we expand. That being said, the Lucky Ruby Border Casino is truly the place to be for anyone who has the right mindset and the will to make a difference in your lives as our company gives you the platform and opportunity to create a better life for yourself and your family.

The mere fact that by our expansion that we are able to create more job vacancies is another element that ignited the happiness on our side as we would be able to create more job opportunities for many people from all walks of life. This would in line with our companies vision which is for the world to be filled with joy and happiness through our efforts as many families would be able to get more income for themselves which ultimately contribute to the improvement of the general living standards in the community.

walk-in interview

The Lucky Ruby has been long standing contributing members in the local community development of Kampong Roa be directly or indirectly. One of the main aspects that has been noted of the Lucky Ruby is its generosity in caring for the needy as well as the hundred of jobs that it has created in the local community. For the employee’s of Lucky Ruby they are very well aware of the benefits that they can earn by being a loyal and long term employee of the company as we ensure that we are true to our promise and our mission to create a better life for our employees and their families. This is the main reason that we without any fail ensure that all salaries are paid on time along with monthly/yearly incentives given out to staffs as well. Yup, working at the Lucky Ruby not only lets you earn a basic salary but also earn incentives as well.

So that comes down to one very important question, do you want to be part of a company that give you the platform to succeed? do you want to be part of a company that cares fully about the well-being of our employees?

And most importantly are you willing to follow our company’s vision, mission and values. If yes, then the Lucky Ruby is the place for you to build the next level of career.


– The world is filled with joy & happiness through our efforts.


– Provide quality service & products that exceed customer expectations
– Make our good employees create a better life for themselves and their families
– Make our investors and members more profitable with every single cent that they spend or invest with trust on us.


– Self-improvement – feed your body with meals & exercise; feed your mind with new knowledge and skills
– Mutual Respect – respect yourself; respect others; respect to gain respect or vice versa.
– Teamwork – support each other, win together.
– Trustworthy – don’t cheat customers; don’t cheat company & don’t cheat yourself.
– High Quality & High Efficiency – use the best way to provide quality products and services fast which make our customers happy.
– Sharing – sharing efforts, sharing ideas, sharing contribution & sharing profit.
– Responsibility – be responsible to your company; be responsible to yourself; be responsible to your family & be responsible to the community.


So What Are You Waiting For? Join our amazing company today

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