The Lucky Ruby has just turned 4 years old


Another year older is a catalyst of the values and passion the Lucky Ruby entails to the complete gaming experience

The Lucky Ruby has officially turned 4 year old and what better way than to celebrate this great occasion with style. However we at the Lucky ruby always love to make great occasions something that can be enjoyed by all so that this day will be a memorable and happy experience to everyone.

The celebrations kicked of with the speech from our Founder and Managing Director, followed by talent performances from our own staff whom hidden within themselves are superstars bursting to come up. This was followed up by fantastic performances by Cambodia’s very own Yuri and BMO Trapz followed by Peak Mi & Knhong that truly made the day of all the spectators that turned up to watch the performance going on for the day.

We look forward to another wonderful year ahead and hope that everyone whom attended enjoyed the celebrations.



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