Why Lucky Ruby is the coolest spot to celebrate your birthday

Birthday coming soon and still wondering where to celebrate?


Have you heard of this quote?

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

We’ve heard this quote almost as often as we’ve broken it, while we get carried away by our work, news feeds and broken New Year’s Resolutions.

But nobody can deny that it speaks the truth, as far as your feelings about this quote tell you.

I got one more question to you, buddy:

Ever thrown a birthday celebration yet?

Yes? No?

Whatever your answer is, we bet you haven’t celebrated it here in Lucky Ruby yet. And if you’re based in this area—Svay Rieng Province, your birthdays are missing a lot.

And that part that you miss is that one part that’s becoming unexamined in your life.

So, how about now, are you starting to think about what important thing you’re gonna do for yourselves on your birthday?


Now, let us tell you why we think Lucky Ruby Border Casino is the coolest place in the area where you can celebrate your birthday.

It has a wide field for your fair share of ‘everyone’. You can have the whole field just outside the great doors of Lucky Ruby all for your birthday, with all the people who want to celebrate with you. You can set up a stage and get performers, catering, and event planning for you.

We got the Sky Bar for more serene, exclusive birthdays. Just because you can invite everyone doesn’t mean you should. Some of us simply want a little bit of a modest birthday celebration with those who we love deeply. There might not be a fully-equipped stage with an amplifier, but we can set up the balloons and all the lovely colorful stuff for you there, still. Right under the moon and the myriad of stars.

Asian Beer Garden for that sumptuous birthday dinner. Some birthday celebrants only need about 5 people to celebrate it with. Why not, right? In an elegant, fun, lovely birthday dinner, you can still eat hotpot, make your birthday wish, blow out the candles, laugh with the 5 people you invited, and take your gifts. Just don’t forget to say thank you.

You can cap off the night and get dancin’ at the Ruby Disco. In the Ruby Disco, we party every weeknight, but if everyone in your invite list is a party guy/gal/LGBT anyway, then invite them in for the leather seats, hip bar stools, dance-y poles, with the DJ spinning your greatest party hits, and the whiskey doing its job. Or soju. Or your personally-crafted birthday cocktail. Whichever works, just don’t scratch the equipment with your or your girl’s stilettos.

Massage, Sauna, and Jacuzzi for the Zen-type birthday celebrant. Just because you’re not a The Real Housewives material doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday with essential oils, therapeutic baths, and someone kneading and rubbing you down. 

Hotel rooms for that staycation, sleepover experience. Especially if you wanna relive those teenage sleepovers you used to have. It has no age limit anyway. You can order pizza, share ghost stories, do Netflix marathons, play video games (let’s do this on a Bring Your Own Console and Video Game (BYOCVG) thing), tell secrets, laugh, cry, and doze off. 

Indulge your birthday vocal cords at the Ruby KTV. Sing to the 40,000 tunes of Bon Jovi, Queen, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, MJ, Mariah Carey, or Elvis. Or Preap Sovath. Or Ho Ngoc Ha. Or AKB48. Or Blackpink. Or Andy Lau. Or Siti Nurhaliza. Or Palmy.


With all of these staying open way over the hours of everyone’s responsibilities, y’all can commit to forgetting the existence of your Belated Happy Birthday, even when the clock strikes 12.

Friendly reminder that you can mix options and we’re not gonna judge you—just don’t throw up on the Jacuzzi or so.


Contact us at Lucky Ruby Border Casino to get started on planning.

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