What does an Average Day at Lucky Ruby feel like?

So How Do Guests Spend Their Day At The Lucky Ruby?

average day at lucky ruby 2

If you could be someone else for a day and find out what their day is like, who would you be?

Kendall Jenner? Tom Hiddleston? Oprah Winfrey? Justin Trudeau?

How about being a traveler at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino.

Read on below in 2nd person and imagine yourself in an interactive film, like Bandersnatch, but minus the darkness.

You wake up at 6. It’s still quite chilly outside, the kind of chilly that extends to your already air-conditioned room at the Lucky Ruby Hotel. Not that you mind it, though. You’re tempted to steal a little bit more sleep and started to snuggle up on those comforters, but then your stomach protests, saying “Hey, I’m feeling empty. Fill me the frick up.” And that’s when you know your date with yourself in Destination: Bed is over.

Which isn’t so bad. Maybe even better. You take away the curtains, and behold, a magnificent view of the sunrise in the border. You take some Instagram shots of it. Fantastic.

You go down to the Ground Floor and you see that it’s just in time for the buffet breakfast at Lucky Ruby Restaurant. Buffet breakfast at its lunchtime—porridge, eggs, or some pleasant random dish. Yum. Authentic traditional Coffee, available hot or cold. Milo, too. There’s tea, as well.

You may have gotten too much food on your stomach, so you decide to burn some of them down. You’ve just eaten, so hitting the gym to burn some calories is out of the question. Maybe later.

You decide to go to the place right outside the restaurant—the Casino. Your wisest idea for the day. You take your pick among the games—Baccarat, Bai Buu, Dragon Tiger, 3 Card Poker, Fan Tan, or Tai Xiu. You decided it doesn’t matter, all the dealers are gorgeous, all the games are exciting. In fact, save for Baccarat, it’s difficult to get a hold of these games anywhere else in the world. Might as well try them all.

You win some, probably lose some. Depends on your luck. You get hungry again, but it’s not quite lunchtime yet. You go to the Lucky Ruby Mini Mart and buy your snacks. Now you’re energized enough to go back to your games.

After a while, you realize it’s sunset time. The view looks just as pretty as sunrise time. Maybe even more beautiful, depending on your taste. Anyway, you’ve had too much fun, you’ve forgotten to eat lunch. Now, you’re not just hungry—you’re starving.  The Lucky Ruby Restaurant is now offering buffet dinner, but you’d like to check out the other eat-outs in Lucky Ruby.

You then stumble on the Asian Beer Garden, which looks very lively during the night, amplified by the lit-up dragon and the flowing fountain. Looks almost romantic, you started to wish you were with someone.

You call up your friends, and they’re available to hang out with you tonight. If you could wait for another hour. That’s no problem for you, since you’ve just been served your piping hot dinner at the Asian Beer Garden. By the time your friends arrive, you’re happy and full.

You guys started voting on where to go and hang out. One says Karaoke/KTV. Another votes for Massage and Sauna. The last one wants to go to Ruby Disco. You’re the last one to cast the vote. It’s too early for the Massage and Sauna. Way too early to get wild at the Ruby Disco. You picked KTV.

And it was probably the best decision ever. All of the songs you’ve thought of are there, in the 40,000+ selection of English, Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese, Khmer, Korean, and Japanese songs. Over drinks and food, the scene got even more fun.

The Ruby Disco is the way to go, but it’s been a long day for all of you. Plus, you’ve had buckets of Authentic Khmer Beer in your system at this point. You’d love to party some more, but you wouldn’t want to get wasted. Besides, the Ruby Disco is open every night, you could just go there any night.

Massage and Sauna, then, is the way to go.

Ahhhh. Feels good. Feels like magnet and steel when you’re tired and tipsy and then you went for a massage. It feels perfect, having those trained Khmer hands take care of your tired muscles. You wish you could fall asleep right then and there. But, hospitable as they are, they can’t let you spend the night there. Besides, your bed at the hotel is waaaay bigger and softer.

You said goodbye to your friends who felt the same relaxing sensation as you. You then went to your room and called it a day. There are more facilities to check out, like the Lucky Ruby Gym, the Ruby Disco, and the Sky Bar. Just thinking about it, tomorrow gets exciting.

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