Anything new happened at Lucky Ruby lately?

So whats the buzz on new things happening at Lucky Ruby? Have you already heard about it?

One day soon, we hope that you can visit Lucky Ruby Border Casino. We’ve come a long way since 2016, and we’ve got many, if not all, sorts of places for you to get entertained with: hotel, restaurant, sky bar, disco, gym, beer gardens, massage, sauna, and Jacuzzi. We’re more than just a casino, after all.

But that doesn’t just stop there.

We got new stuff for you along the way.

Lucky Ruby Sky bar

Sky Bar: New Dishes

We’re getting a lot of foreigners here in this border and sometimes, rice is just not for everybody.

So, we also got a new menu at the Lucky Ruby SkyBar to so we can make a more diverse crowd of happy taste buds.

Sneak a peek at the food choices below for the new menu (and yes, we got pizza):

Pork: Glazed Coca Cola with Honey Pork Ribs, Crispy Fried Garlic Pork Rib, Char Siu,

Beef: Beef Jerky, Grilled Beef with Bean Curd Preserve, Beef Satay with Mixed Vegie Pickle, Hamburger, Stir Fried Cow Intestine with Pepper Elder

Chicken: Chicken Corden Bleu, Chicken Wings, Chicken Boxing, Barbeque Chicken Wing,

Duck: Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce

Seafood: Crispy Vernicelli Salad with Seafood, Stir-Fried Seafood with Green Pepper Corn, Fried Calamary, Prawn Tempura, Fried Corn with Dry Shrimp, Large Tiger Prawn, Grilled Dry Squid, Grilled Squid, Deep Fried Fish with Dressing,

Soup and Others: French Fries, Grilled Mixed Meat with Vegetable, Cow Toe Nails Soup, Mutton Hot Pot Soup, Large Tiger Prawn Soup

Pizza: Barbeque Chicken Pizza, Sausage and Pork Dumpling Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Hawaii Pizza, Duck Hoisin Pizza, Margherita Pizza

Get your hands dirty… long as your hands are cleaned.


lucky ruby tea

Asian Beer Garden: New Bubble Tea Drinks

Bubbles. Great in the tub, great as a kid’s toy (just remember not to let them put the bubble ring in their mouth), great as a Powerpuff Girl (she’s actually the strongest, physically).

But the most exciting, most thirst-quenching greatness of bubbles is the bubble in milk tea.

Enter the Ruby Tea—Bubble Teas of 9 flavors based on what everyone in the area likes best. If you’re a tourist and you chanced upon the Lucky Ruby Border Casino, it’s no surprise that even if your choice of flavor is not here, you’re still gonna find a new fave.

Choose between the great 9 flavors of Classic, Taro, Durian, Cucumber, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Grape, and Milk Bubble Tea


Preap Sovath Live At Lucky Ruby Border Casino

Event: Lucky Ruby 5th Anniversary

Last Valentine’s, we celebrated our Lucky Ruby Border Casino turning 5. We got Lion and Dragon dances to attract luck and blessings for this year and the next years. We also invited local singers to sing Khmer hits, while gorgeous dancers graced the stage. We had the Couple Apple Eating contest, where pairs compete to be the first to finish the apple and win the sweet sweet prize, like major discounts at the Beer Gardens.

And then comes the most anticipated part—Cambodia’s biggest, hottest star, Preap Sovath, graces the casino! This star with over 800,000 online followers, globally well-known, with over 20 years of singing career on his back, travels to the quaint border of Prey Vor and shakes it up with his presence and astounding performance! Girls were screaming so excitedly, everyone wanted to take a photo with him. It was an awe-strucking experience.

The rest of the night was spent by everyone merry-making.


Here’s what’s new in this sweet spot of the border.  

But you know….

You can actually have an event here in Lucky Ruby

You can celebrate life’s milestones such as Birthdays, which can be yours or your loved one’s, wedding dinners, or any event that you want to celebrate. It could be small-scaled like a hotel staycation or a dinner at Asian Beer Garden, or large-scaled like renting out the open space in front of Lucky Ruby itself.

Drop by here and let’s make a plan for the best way to celebrate!

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